The Group for Technical Assistance's Team

Deepak Chandra Bajracharya Group for Technical Assistance Office

Sr. Management professional and communication expert with almost 30years of professional experiences in managing public health public private partnership, developing communication tools, social marketing, fund-raising, program management, research, M & E and capacity building projects for national and international organizations. Public Health Management Expert having worked in several national and international organizations such as CEDPA Nepal, Population Service International, Red Cross Society in the area of family planning, HIV/AID preventions, safe motherhood, in senior positions. An advocacy, public relation, and networking expert with superb track record of maintaining network of state and non state organizations including government of Nepal, donors community, civil society, private organizations, media and political parties.

Pramod Ratna Bajracharya Group for Technical Assistance Office

Pramod R. Bajracharya is Treasurer and Co-founder of the Group for Technical Assistance and has dedicated more than 16 years working for the organization. He has extensive experience in the working areas of administration, finance and systems as well as managing project in different sector more than 20 years in different leading organizations. He has sound knowledge in budget preparation, financial management and maintains proper internal control system and is also involved in capacity building training on financial management. He is always focusing on regulation of taxes compliance. He has sound knowledge in budget analysis in term of gender equality support, development sector and business section as require donors.

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Kshitij Karki Group for Technical Assistance Office

Kshitij Karki (MPH, IMPH, MA), Assistant Professor, has experience of more than 10 years in public health sector as researcher at Nepal Health Research Council, academician at Asian College for Advance Studies, and consultant Researcher, Expert, Data Analyst and Project Manager at various organizations. He was graduated in Public Health in 2006 from Nepal, attended The University of Sheffield, United Kingdom and EHESP, France, as an Erasmus mundus student, and received Master of Public Health as well as International Masters in Public health with the specialization in environmental and occupational health in 2011. His research and project interests include communicable and non-communicable diseases, Health System, Bioinformatics, Microbiological and Toxicological Risk Assessment, Family Health, Health Economics, Environmental Health, Climate Change, Nutrition, and Other Social issues.

Ganesh basnet Group for Technical Assistance Office

Mr. Ganesh Basnet is a research and community development professional with 4 years of professional experience in research, social/community mobilization and general administration and management. I have worked in different national level non-governmental organizations (NGOs) where he worked in several projects and programs in the areas of research, interpersonal communication and behaviour change communication (IPC/BCC) reproductive health, Child Health and logistics management.

Rajan Shah Group for Technical Assistance Office

Mr. Sah’s is currently working as a program coordinator at GTA and he is primarily responsible for overall research and program planning, implementation, developing and finalizing the research tools, developing field guideline, conducting training, monitoring and supervision of field implementation; assure the quality of data collection. He has wide experiences in terms of quantitative and qualitative research. Mr. Sah quantitative research experience includes conducting a baseline survey for “Assessment on Factors Determining Availability, Utilization and Retention of Vaccination Card in Nepal”, a UNICEF funded project, Surveillance for Enteric Fever in Asia Project (SEAP) Savin Vaccine Institute funded project and “A retrospective analysis of cholera outbreaks in Nepal: Implications for potential mass oral cholera vaccination” funded by John Hopkins University. He has about 2 years of experience in the public health sector. Mr. Sah has a Master’s in Public Health (MPH) from KLE University Karnataka, India.

Lenjana Jimee Group for Technical Assistance Office

Roshani Sharma Group for Technical Assistance Office

Ms. Sharma is Electronics and Communication Engineer as well as certified in PHP, MySql Database Server and Microsoft .NET Development Tools. She is passionate for writing code and logic developement. She has worked as Web Application Developer and later as Team Leader in IT company for a year, where she was taking lead in various intensive projects like CMS, ECommerce and News & Media Web Sites development. And also she is running her own Freelancer Projects. She is working as Database Management Co-Ordinator, and her responsibilities is to Monitor and make required Development and Modifiations in database for Paperless Data Collection System

Deepesh Chandra Bajracharya Group for Technical Assistance Office

I am self-motivated, confident and committed person having a sense of responsibility and my capacity to work hard under pressure. Being an energetic, ambitious, optimistic and hard-working person, I can fulfill my responsibility to any task that I undertake or situation that I am presented with and always strive to achieve the highest possible standards at any given task. I am open minded person and supportive towards other people. As a graduate, I relish learning new things and overcoming challenges, having a genuine interest in health care management.

Shristi Singh Group for Technical Assistance Office

An enthusiastic, adaptive and motivated individual with a keen interest in Program and Management .Having done challenging projects at University and work, Ms. Shristi has gained important team working and organizational skills, possess valuable time management skills and can work effectively under pressure.